Kitchen Extensions

The kitchen in the heart of every home and one of our specialist areas in the creation of ground floor kitchen extensions. We are proud of our extensive and unrivalled knowledge in this area and we know how to make your project a success. There are many reasons why we have such an unrivalled reputation in the world of kitchen extensions and these are just a few of those which are frequently mentioned in our customer reviews.

Thanks to today’s contemporary lifestyles the kitchen is now the focal point of the home. It is the central hub for all the daily activities of the household and needs to be a warm and functional space to chat, entertain,watch TV and sometimes even cook. This is very much one of the most multi-purpose areas of the home and it is no longer a case of the main cook in the household being locked away alone for hours away from the rest of the household.

A modern kitchen is an inspirational room in that it helps to make the day more enjoyable by providing a pivotal location for all members of the household to interact with each other. A kitchen is a unique space when you think about it as it combines practical living, comfort and somewhere to cook and eat. A top quality kitchen extension such as the ones we provide can add as much as 40% extra space to this essential room, and this is something everybody could do with.

An old, run down kitchen where you have to breathe in to pass each other has the opposite affect. Its a fact that the ambience of a room affects the mood of those in it and those old fashioned galley kitchen so popular in large terraced house simply don’t cut it with today’s lifestyles. Let us turn your dream kitchen into a reality by giving you the best possible build and design service on the market. As far as your house in concerned this will be one the best decisions you ever made.

It is both the cost of the property and the actual move in London that is making many people think twice and looking for an innovative way to increase their existing living space. If you live in an Edwardian or Victorian terrace and can’t afford to move to gain that much needed extra space a side extension is the perfect solution. So many of these properties have a wasted space at the side of them which are begging to be utilised and a kitchen extension here will greatly enhance not only the appearance of your kitchen but also the functionality.

Extending your kitchen through a side extension will create a new and stunning kitchen/dining area as well as adding value to your home. The finished result will tick all your boxes in terms of what you have always wanted from a kitchen. You can expect a lot more visitors to pop round for coffee when you have such an amazing area for them to sit in.

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